On the relationship between surface currents and surface/subsurface ocean eddies based onglider observations and surface current measurements by HF radar

Lead researcher: Dr. Yaron Toledo

Together with the research team: Prof. Hezi Gildor, Prof. Steve Brenner

In collaboration with the institutions: Tel Aviv University, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Bar-Ilan University


 Aim of Research 

Two major infrastructures, ocean gliders and High-Frequency radar for surface current measurements were employed. The High-Frequency radar was operated for an extensive time to provide surface current and wave data. Wave measurements were found to correlate to nearshore wave conditions. This shows that it can be used for nearshore wave prediction purposes. A development of such an algorithm for short-term prediction is undergoing. Two glider operations were conducted in the radar coverage area. The data gathered is currently being analyzed to investigate the 3D spatial structure of eddies using ocean gliders and the HF radar.